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Sylvie Widdison - National Youth Science Forum Gallery

Sylvie Widdison -  National Youth Science Forum

Chairperson for the day Barbara Glass introduced Sylvie who we sponsored to NYSF 2021. Sylvie gave a very interesting account on the programs she experienced.

 This year the forum was held virtually that gave all candidates a greater experience to meet and interact with over 500 STEM enthusiast form all over Australia.

Over the three weeks she took part in more than sixty lectures, workshops, debates, and social activities.

 In stem communications emphasis was place, on the importance of science communication and how it is used in policy and media to make decisions and tackle misinformation. The most exciting  was in digital stem visits was this included live cross to European Nuclear reach and a virtual tour was made of the inner machinery of the Large Hadron Collider.

 Sylvie expressed that NYSF was a once in a lifetime experience  and thanked the club and youth directors Mark Scott and Barbara Glass for their efforts to enable her to attend.