Rotary Club of Ballarat

Ron Egberg 99.9 Voice FM - Guest Speaker Gallery

Lunchtime meeting Guest Speaker: Ron Edgberg - 99.9 Power FM Radio

In opening Ron thanked the club for support with the funding of microphones for 99.9 Power FM last year this assisted greatly with broadcasting for 99.9 Power FM.

Ron explained that 2020 was a year that no one could have predicted. With COVID 19 the business came nearly to a close as there was no income to run the studio it was faced with the challenge of adapting and changing the way it works to survive as a community radio station.

 Good management and support from the Victorian Government of $50,000.00 made it possible to move forward and regroup. As the station moves forward it has plans to create a "fresh" 99.9 Voice FM.

Changing the way, Voice FM operates and boosting its programming with new innovative and relevant programs is essential for the station to grow listeners and hence attract sponsorship, which will create financial stability for Voice FM.

 There will also be programs focused on lifestyle, health, and wellbeing to name a few. The station is at present seeking motivated and engaged individuals to support Voice FM into its next stage of recovery and growth.