Rotary Club of Ballarat

Guest Speaker PDG Ron Pickford & 2 New Members 20th May 2021 Gallery

We were delighted this week to have as our speaker PDG Ron Pickford, who plays an important role in the work of the Rotary Foundation as a Cadre. Basically, the role of a TRF Cadre is to safeguard Rotary Foundation funds through overseeing an evaluation process and provide advice to those applying for and using the money held by the Foundation.  The sums allocated by the Rotary Foundation run into the many millions.

The projects supported can be split roughly into the following categories -a) preventing disease, b) providing clean water, c) supporting education, d) growing local economies, e) saving mothers and children and lastly, f) promoting peace. Ron is currently working with the Rotary Foundation on projects in Uganda, Philippines, India, and Ethiopia which in normal times would require for him to visit at least once.

He spoke of, by way of example a housing project in the Indian state of Kerala which had experienced devastation in recent years due to cyclones and extensive flooding forcing the residents into temporary shelter. For just under $200,000 the Rotary Foundation has been able to build 23 two-bedroom homes which then become the property of the mother in the family. The home cannot be sold for under five years, children must go to school and the recipients must undergo a training program in maintaining the home. The projects supported by the Rotary Foundation, which can be either international or even within your local community are life changing and sustainable. Quite simply, the Rotary Foundation makes lives better for those who are in need. So, I urge all who read this to support the work of the Rotary Foundation by becoming a Centurion donor so that its work can continue.

Well done, Ron you are doing a magnificent job in your role as a TRF Cadre and are making a real impact with your work.