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National Youth Science Forum Students. 21st April 2022 Gallery

Last Week's Speakers - National Youth Science Forum Students. 21st April 2022

PP Peter Dunn introduced Lachlan and Arian who attended NYSF (digital program) this year.

Both students are in year 12 at Clarendon Collage. The NYSF Year 12 Program offers an exciting range of in-person
and digital science, technology, engineering, and mathematics
(STEM) experiences for participants across Australia.

STEM sessions, included specialist lectures, speed networking, talks and lectures from renowned STEM experts, careers days, critical thinking, science communication.

The digital program featured a vast array of speakers from
Australia and around the world.

The students said many famous scientists spoke in the sessions including Dr Karl Kruszelnicki a qualified scientist, doctor and
engineer whose fun-loving personality inspired them, Peter Doherty Immunologist, Cathy Foley Australia's Chief Scientist.

Staffies, who are past participants return each year to participate in and help run the program the year after they first attend.

They explained the lectures and their interesting experience with
some of the topics Agricultural Science, Drones, Solar, Computer Science, Particle Physics, Precision Medicine, and Public Health.

Both students said the experience changed their outlook giving them more knowledge about Universities and exposed them to the pathway of science.

They met many other peers and still keep in contact with them. The students expressed their gratitude for the club sponsoring them to allow them for the opportunity to attend the program.