Rotary Club of Ballarat

Michael Poulton - Committee Ballarat Gallery

We were privileged this week to have as our speaker Michael Poulton, the Executive Office of the Committee
for Ballarat.

He talked of the Committee's role in setting the agenda for what a future the city of Ballarat and
its Region might look like. It investigates and advocates for outcomes that will advance the vision for Ballarat
to be a thriving and vibrant regional community, recognised for its liveability, sustainability, and
inclusiveness. It believes that growth is inevitable based on data which indicates that by 2050 Ballarat and
region will have a population 100,000 more than at present.

To achieve a better Ballarat it works with business, government, and the community to shape our future and
ensure the region, its towns, and the city, continue to be a desirable place to live, do business in and visit.

The Committee's work is firmly focused on the future that will define Ballarat as a compassionate community
and one which is prosperous, sustainable, innovative, connected, and safe, providing opportunity for all.
It is made up of leading organisations from across our region who want to have a voice in the discussions
surrounding our City's future. There are different levels of membership to which organisations and
businesses subscribe on an annual basis.